Аustralian Football Derbies

Are you ready for some of the most intense rivalries in the Australian Football League?

From F3 Derby in Newcastle to the Melbourne Derby, there's something for everyone!

F-3 Derby

The F-3 Derby between Newcastle Jets and Central Coast Mariners is a rivalry that has been going on since the start of the A-League competition. Both teams, based outside the capital, have a passionate hatred for each other.

In the 2007/08 season, the grand finale between them was filled with controversial refereeing decisions.

The current standings of the two teams has had a major impact on the rivalry, with the Mariners leading the table while the Newcastle Jets sit in 12th position.

This fiery rivalry has been a highlight of the A-League season for years.

Sydney Derby

Building on the rivalry between Newcastle Jets and Central Coast Mariners, the Sydney Derby between Western Sydney Wanderers and Sydney FC is one of the most intense football games in the A-League. It brings Sydney to a standstill and is played between bitter rivals, whose fan culture adds to the impact of the match.

This season, Western Sydney is in the second position while Sydney FC is in the 6th slot. Key players to watch in the Sydney derby are Western Sydney's Tarek Elrich and Sydney FC's Bobo. The electrifying atmosphere is always memorable, regardless of the location, making this rivalry between two of Australia's football powerhouses one of the most anticipated fixtures in the A-League.

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Sydney FC Vs. Melbourne Victory

You can't talk about the most intense football rivalries in the A-League without mentioning the Sydney FC vs. Melbourne Victory matchup. This rivalry between two of Australia's football powerhouses is comparable to Liverpool vs. Manchester United.

In the 2019/20 season, Sydney FC topped the league with Melbourne Victory as their fiercest rivals. In the last season, Sydney FC had a 6-point lead over Melbourne Victory. Recent form analysis shows that Melbourne Victory is at the bottom of the league table, while Sydney FC is in the 6th slot.

Key players such as Alessandro Del Piero and Kevin Muscat have had a major impact on the rivalry. Ultimately, the Sydney FC vs. Melbourne Victory matchup is one of the most thrilling derbies in the A-League.

Melbourne Victory Vs. Adelaide United

With over a decade of history, the inter-state rivalry between Melbourne Victory and Adelaide United is one of the most heated in the A-League. Famous for their historical clashes, the two teams have had a major impact on the league standings.

Melbourne Victory have struggled in recent seasons, while Adelaide United have been successful in their league campaigns. The two teams have faced each other in two grand finals, with Melbourne Victory winning both. The 6-0 thrashing in 2006-07 is a memorable victory for the Victorian side.

The Original Rivalry between Melbourne Victory and Adelaide United is one of the spiciest in the A-League Men's competition. Both teams have a passionate fanbase and the atmosphere in their matches is electric. It's a rivalry that evokes nostalgia and is sure to be an exciting matchup in the current season.

Melbourne Derby

Though it's relatively new, the Melbourne Derby between Melbourne City and Melbourne Victory has quickly become one of the spiciest rivalries in the A-League Men's competition. Melbourne City joined the A League 12 years ago, and the rivalry has been building ever since. Melbourne Victory has been struggling in recent seasons, while Melbourne City has become the biggest team in Melbourne, winning the last championship. A key factor in the impact of the rivalry is the recent form of the two teams. Melbourne City is currently in first position in the A League standings, while Melbourne Victory is languishing at the bottom.

When looking at key players to watch in the Melbourne Derby, Melbourne City's Jamie Maclaren and Rostyn Griffiths stand out. Maclaren has been in exceptional form this season, scoring 17 goals in 21 games. Similarly, Griffiths has been an anchor in the midfield, providing stability and protection for the backline.

For Melbourne Victory, Marco Rojas is the one to watch. He's the team's top scorer and has contributed with 5 goals and 5 assists. With these stars in the mix, the Melbourne Derby is set to be an epic battle between two of Australia's football powerhouses.

Big Blue

Continuing the discussion, another popular rivalry in the A-League Men's competition is the renowned 'Big Blue' between Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory.

This rivalry is fuelled by their status as Australia's two biggest cities, and the teams have played each other in three grand finals, with Sydney FC winning twice.

The Big Blue is known for its high-stakes and passionate atmosphere, and key moments in the rivalry include Sydney FC's 6-2 victory in the 2016/17 season and Melbourne Victory's 3-2 win in the 2017/18 season.

The impact of international players has also been significant, with Sydney FC's Bobo and Melbourne Victory's Besart Berisha playing pivotal roles in their respective sides.


It's time to get in on the action! Whether you're a fan of the F3 Derby, the Sydney Derby, the Melbourne Derby, or the Big Blue, there's something for everyone!

Get ready for intense rivalries, passionate fans, and electric atmospheres. The A-League is sure to provide you with unforgettable experiences that will keep you coming back for more!

So come on, join the fun and become a part of the buzz!

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