Is Soccer More Popular Than American Football?

Are you wondering which sport is more popular: soccer or American football? You're not alone! Both sports have passionate fans across the globe, but you may be surprised to find out which one comes out on top.

Discover why Americans may not be as interested in soccer as they are in football and why soccer may have the edge over its American counterpart.

Get ready to find out which is more popular: soccer or American football.

Key Takeaways

  • Soccer has a global fan base with over 270 million people playing the sport worldwide, while American football is more popular in the United States.
  • Soccer is more popular globally, with international competitions like the FIFA World Cup attracting around 3.5 billion viewers, nearly half the world's population. American football has a smaller global fan base but dominates in North America, with millions of viewers during the NFL season and over 100 million viewers for the Super Bowl.
  • Soccer is popular in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, while American football is dominant in North America, particularly the United States.
  • Soccer generates approximately $40 billion in annual revenue, with top European clubs having massive fan followings worldwide. American football, particularly the NFL, generates around $15 billion per year.

History and Global Reach

Though soccer has been around for centuries, American football is a relatively new sport that has gained traction in recent years. Soccer is played in countless countries across all continents, with international competitions like the FIFA World Cup bringing together people from different backgrounds. 

On the other hand, American football is mainly popular in the United States, with the Super Bowl drawing an average viewership of over 100 million each year. Soccer has a global fan base, with an estimated 4 billion people worldwide, while American football has around 400 million fans. The popularity of soccer and football vary depending on the region, with soccer being more popular globally and football dominating North America.

Both sports generate huge revenues, with soccer generating around $40 billion and the NFL bringing in approximately $15 billion annually. Social media platforms are buzzing with conversations about soccer and football, giving fans a sense of belonging and connection.

Soccer and football have immense potential to gain more fans and continue to bring joy and excitement to their followers in the future.

Popularity and Regional Differences

Popularity of soccer and football varies based on geographical location.

In Europe, soccer is the sport of choice, with passionate fans supporting teams in countries like England, Spain, Italy, and Germany. Actually, soccer (or football, as it is called in Europe) is the most popular sport for online betting in Europe.

Asia has embraced soccer too, with nations competing fiercely in regional tournaments such as the AFC Asian Cup.

Latin America, particularly countries like Brazil and Argentina, also has a strong love for the game, producing legendary players.

In North America, specifically the United States, American football is the dominant sport, with intense NFL games and deep-rooted college football traditions. The Super Bowl, one of America's biggest sporting events, draws an average viewership of over 100 million people each year.

Both sports have the power to unite people from different backgrounds, offering a sense of belonging.

Revenue and Economic Influence

You can't overlook the economic influence of both soccer and American football; they each generate tremendous revenue from merchandise, ticket sales, sponsorships, and broadcasting rights.

Soccer is estimated to generate $40 billion annually, with Europe's top clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid bringing in massive revenues. American football's NFL alone brings in an estimated $15 billion each year.

Merchandise sales, sponsorships, and TV deals all contribute to the sports' financial success. Soccer is also backed by FIFA's financial might, while the NFL benefits from its deep-rooted tradition in the US.

Both sports are profitable investments and have the potential to bring in even more money in the future.

Social Media and Online Presence

Building on the economic influences discussed earlier, both soccer and American football have a strong online presence that continues to grow.

Soccer has over 4 billion fans worldwide, making it the most popular sport globally. Social media platforms are buzzing with conversations about soccer games and players due to its huge fan base.

American football also has a strong presence on social media platforms, with fans gathering online to discuss their favorite teams.

Fans of both sports can take pride in belonging to unique communities brought together by their shared passion. Soccer and American football have dedicated communities that come together through social media platforms.

As their global reach continues to expand, these sports will only gain more fans in the future.

Future Prospects and Cultural Impact

With its ever-growing fan base and ability to bring people from all walks of life together, soccer and American football both have a promising future and a lasting cultural impact. As technology continues to spread, these sports have the potential to gain even more fans worldwide.

Soccer's influence is particularly strong in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, while American football dominates in North America. Sports create a sense of belonging for their fans, allowing them to connect with their favorite teams and players more deeply.

The revenue generated by both sports is also significant, with soccer bringing in around $40 billion each year and the NFL generating around $15 billion. Social media has also become an important platform for these sports, with dedicated communities coming together to discuss and share their love for the game.

Soccer and American football have a unique place in the hearts of their fans, and the future looks bright for both.


Soccer and American football are both popular sports with dedicated fans and passionate followings around the world. However, soccer appears to have the edge in terms of global reach and online presence, and its future prospects are promising.

Despite its relative lack of popularity in the US, soccer is still a major international sport with a strong cultural presence and economic impact.

Ultimately, soccer appears to be the more popular of the two sports.

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